after the announcement of lady!thor

  • marvel: 10000
  • dc: -1




Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Superman are scheduled to come out on the same day

#no you move

*singsongs* We all know who’s winniiiiiing. And it’s not DCeeeeeee


I want Nightwing. ;____;


attack on titan / dc comics crossover!

not all match up characters, i just like to put them in the suits asdkfj

Erwin as Batman       Levi as Nightwing       Eren as Robin

Armin as Impulse      Annie as Raven    Connie as Beast Boy

Sasha as Starfire

i also have a part 2 marvel crossover but my tablet broke woops

↳ ”Just… say it again. Call me Pretty-Bird.” - “I’ve missed you… Pretty-Bird.

SONG: UnknownHow to correctly pronounce Ra's Al Ghul: a guide by an actual Arab.
ARTIST: Unknownsuckmycockles
ALBUM: Unknown
PLAYED: 26037 times


Because most DC fans say his name wrong and/or have no idea how to actually say it, I decided to record this little thing here.


  • ra’s al ghul is arab
  • talia al ghul is half chinese, half arab
  • bane is hispanic
  • dick grayson is half romani
  • damian wayne is of chinese and arab heritage
  • dc comics, you have an awful memory
  • wait jk you’re just an asshole



do you ever just look at someone’s interpretation of a character and want to gently put your hands on their shoulders, look them kindly in the eyes and say you got it all wrong




do you ever get to a point in a fandom where you just… ignore canon?



i always knew i’d be disappointed about whoever is cast as dick grayson

but i didn’t think i’d be this disappointed

it’s amazing that i can still be surprised by dc comics





Roy just doesn’t seem to have Dick’s luck.


This is so concise and so accurate.
I love it.

#at least roy has dinah





Roy just doesn’t seem to have Dick’s luck.


This is so concise and so accurate.

I love it.

Marvel vs DC: the Dudebro analogy

  • me: It's sad how progressive Marvel looks while standing next to DC. It's completely amazing.
  • Kara: which is kind of awful too because Marvel needs help too Marvel needs help DC needs to be in an institution? is that fair?
  • me: Marvel is a middle class, middle America white dude who's been pulled from his suburban all-white high school to go to college with a bunch of people who are different than him.
  • Kara: ooooh
  • me: He's that dick who goes to the women's studies class to 'meet chicks,' and calls everyone bro, and doesn't really GET why his Cinco De Mayo party is really, really kinda racist. But he talks to people who don't look exactly like him and when he's told that he's being a dick he mostly listens and sure he's still got Maxim covers up on his wall, but now he can talk to girls without trying to hit on them.
  • me: DC's the guy who went to the college of people JUST LIKE HIM and entered a frat and hangs out on /bchan and takes pictures of girls who are drunk and falling out of their shirts without their knowledge and text them to everyone he knows, even the girls who are kind of like, ugh.
  • Kara: this is really perfect
  • me: So Marvel has figured out that if he wants to get a date, or more importantly, a second date, he needs to start dealing with women and other people as human beings and he's not perfect and he's still gonna get dumped when he mutters a vaguely homophobic epithet at the waiter at a restaurant, but he's listening in classes and his roommate's cool and they become friends even though they're different races and eventually he ends up in a suite where half his roommates are women who explain that the "make me a sandwich" shirt is the reason he's NOT GETTING LAID. And he stops wearing that shirt, except when he's really drunk and stupid.
  • me: Meanwhile, DC is on facebook, telling boob jokes and then bitterly calling women bitches for not having sex with him and going back to hang out at the local high school football games despite the fact that it gets sadder every year, because everyone who used to like him has grown up and moved out and moved away and he's still there, still talking to teenagers, except he doesn't know the lingo and they're not interested in what he has to say.